Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ok last one.....maybe

Yet another reason idiots shouldn't play with guns.....

Need I say more

I just can't get enough of this...

And we wonder why people die every year by being accidentally shot because of poor gun handling...

Guns don't kill people......idiots do!

Keeping with the gun humor...

Remember these words "I'm the only one in this room that is professional enough to carry a Glock 40"

Gotta love stupid people... As a teacher myself there is one fact that I know and its this: he has LOST that class and should just have left right away and not turned back!

Now THIS is my type of humor....

Check out the guy outside the door! The best part is, even HE is laughing!!! HAHAHA

Friday, March 2, 2007

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So, I'm really excited about the new TMNT movie coming out. For those of you who don't know TMNT is short for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Let me tell you, I was/still am probably one of the biggest TMNT fans EVER!! And can I say that this movie looks AWESOME!! I am going to be really disappointed if it is a flop, but am REALLY excited about seeing it. And in case you were all wondering, and when I say you all I mean the one person reading this blog; yes, I was that kid running around with an orange cloth around my head with two eye holes cut out acting like Michelangelo, the coolest Ninja Turtle EVER!! Oh, it comes out March 23rd, GO SEE IT, you know I will! BE GOOD!!!

Paris Hilton a.k.a. The biggest waist of resourses on the face of this earth!!

There is nothing good I have to say about this no-good, brat of a girl who thinks she's "So Hot." If you ask me, I'd rather date Pat Summit! Yea, I went there. Luckily she may be out of my hair for a while, like I would ever really have the chance of meeting her, but in my sense it is more like out of my ear because I won't have to listen to anymore of her stupid-ass antics! Apparently she didn't know that driving a car with a suspended license was illegal. She tried to hide from the cops by driving with her lights off. Too bad your break lights still work hunny, maybe they wouldn't have seen you! Anyway she may be spending the next 90 days behind bars. BOY would I love to see "The Simple Life: Behind Bars." THAT would be a show with Paris in it that I might actually watch!! BE GOOD PEOPLE!!

My First Post

Hmmmm. What can I say. All I wanted to do was come up with a blogger name. What happened when I did? I ended up making a blog of my own. This is completely by accident, but maybe it will be fun. If you want to read a good, organized, and funny blog, you should go to Thissuitisnotblack.blogspot.com. That's my sister's blog site. She's an actual writer, me, not so much. Anyway, I'll get back to this blog when I find/hear about something interesting that happened in the world that I feel I need to comment about. Good day people!! BE GOOD!